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How to Document Your Baby's First year

I remember the day my daughter was born and I wanted to capture every little moment!  I was so excited that my first child was born and God has blessed me with a beautiful and healthy baby.  I love her so much and I did not want to miss one milestone or experience with her!  I captured all of those first moments in the hospital, the nurses weighing her, ink stamping of her feet, her first doctor visit, and many more exciting things. 

I have two older brothers, so there are three children in our family growing up.  We were all born in the 1970s.  Back then, the father was not allowed to go in the hospital when the mother gave birth.  My mom had to welcome us in the world without my father by her side. My dad did not get to experience the birth of any of his children.  I feel bad for him that he missed out on that opportunity.  He missed that miracle of life coming in the world.  So, when my daughter was born, I wanted him to experience a birth.  I let both of my parents come in the delivery room along with my husband.  Don’t worry, most people ask, you let your dad witness you giving birth?!?!  Ok, he had strict orders, he had to stay on the sidelines. HaHa!!  But, let me tell you, he was so excited to be there.  He might not have witnessed the birth of all three of his children, but he witnessed the birth of his first grandchild.  (Yes, on the sideline - haha)  He was forever thankful!  I got to capture the moment of his first meeting with his granddaughter.  It was priceless!!  Look at this proud grandfather!  Pure happiness!  

She was born in 2004 and now she is currently 16 years old.  So, a lot has changed from then to know as far as documenting milestones.  However, I am going to share some tips and suggestions at capturing all of those fun and important milestones.

When we brought her home, I had my camera near by at all times.  Back, then we did not take cell phone pictures, we had to use point and shoot cameras.  So, it was not always quick and easy to capture those milestone moments.  However, I always had my camera near me because I did not want to miss out.  I took pictures of our dog Petey meeting her for the first time.  Petey was our first baby.  Yes, we are one of those families that treat their pets as family. Petey was our little fur baby!! I captured pictures of Petey sniffing and meeting her for the first time.  It was exciting! 


Some of the first things I would capture was her in her bedroom.  For moms, it is so excited to create a beautiful nursery.  Months of planning went into painting and designing her room with all things girly, purple accents because that is my favorite color, and to top it off a beautiful castle mural painted over her crib.  So, it was a must to introduce her to her room and capture those memories!  

Throughout those first weeks and months, there were no guidelines or suggestions of what to take pictures of as far as milestones.  I knew to take pictures each month such as 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, etc.  I knew this because my mom did this for me.  She took me to I believe was Olan Mills and would have my monthly picture taken.  It is fun to look back at all of those memories and see how quickly I changed in one year.  I wanted to do the same for my girl, but more!  

Babies change so much in their first year.  I was always told, don’t blink or you will miss them growing up.  Boy they were right!  Time has flown!  I was on a mission to take pictures of her all of the time.  I took pictures of first smiles, rolling over, crawling, pulling up, walking, first foods, first holidays, and more.  It was fun capturing all of her first milestones!  She enjoys looking back at them to see how much she changed over that first year.  

I don’t want you to wonder like I did what should I take pictures of.  So, I have created a list of some of the most popular milestones that I did with my daughter.  

Here is your FREE guide to documenting your Baby's First Year.


How to Document Your Baby's First Year

  • Relax, the pictures do not have to be perfect.  Remember you are documenting a memory of your growing baby.  Your little one will thank you later and they will not look if the picture is perfect.  They will just love seeing how tiny they once were!

  • Print our First Year Milestone Cards and place near the baby when taking pictures.

  • Organize your cards and have the ones that you know will be happening soon ready to put in your picture.

  • If you missed the exact first smile or step, don't worry.  Take another picture and document the date on your card.  It is all about having fun and enjoying your little one's first year!

  • If taking indoors, make sure to have plenty of natural light coming in from the windows to achieve better looking pictures.

  • Lastly, have fun!  They are only little once! So, enjoy making the MEMORIES!



I have also created First Year Milestones Cards for Boys and First Year Milestone Cards for Girls that will help you with organize and capture those moments of your precious little one. 

My good friend, Amanda, is a busy mom of three young boys.  I loved receiving her monthly cards and seeing how much her little one changed each month.  Amanda said: "These beautiful, pre-made cards helped me to stay organize and look forward to my son's monthly milestones."  "We had so much fun documenting his first year." 

My favorite memory of my little girl was when she was giggling for the first time.  What was your favorite memory of your baby?  Or what is the milestone that you are most looking forward to?  I would love to hear about it, so please leave a comment below.  

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