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Seventeen years ago, before I had children, I was an elementary school teacher and I absolutely loved working with little children!  

Creativity has always been something that I love!  

Creating fun lessons and games for my third graders to make learning more fun was my passion!  

I would decorate our wall outside of the classroom with pictures of my students along with their artwork or creative writing piece to show the love and fun they had in Mrs. Pierce's class!  I loved having little photoshoots with them and capturing those infectious smiles the little ones had.  Those children were my first babies.  I will always have a special place in my heart of the students of my first class that I taught!  

When my beautiful daughter was born, I did not want to miss one thing!

My photography journey grew even more when she was born.  I set up little scenes and she was photographed constantly!  I was documenting her first smiles, giggles, holding her head up, rolling over and more!  I couldn’t take enough pictures of my precious and beautiful little daughter!  

They grow so much and so quick, especially in that first year of life.    

I was so sad when I had to go back to work but had to. That morning as I was putting the finishing touches on my classroom, preparing for a new season of kids to come through, I saw something on the TV that changed everything for my family.   

There was a local breaking new story that an officer had been shot.  My heart literally sank and tears rolled down my face.  "Oh, Lord!  Please don't let that be my husband (my husband is a police officer).  Please wrap your loving arms around him and protect him."  It was not until hours later that my husband called me and told me that it was his partner that was shot.  

My husband was supposed to be at that call of service and his partner arrived on scene first and did not wait for my husband.  My husband was literally one minute behind him!  When he arrived, he saw his partner on the ground and immediately got him out of harm's way, called for backup, and started to perform CPR.  Unfortunately, his partner did not make it and it was a sad day for our community.  

God’s presence was definitely there. With such tragedy, our community pulled together and helped this family during the difficult time.  Afterwards, we prayed about what God wanted us to do with me working and being a teacher and felt God wanted me to stay home.     

It was always my dream to be a stay at home mom, so I wouldn’t miss out on little milestones of my child.  I had friends that were stay at home moms and I longed to have what they had.  I wanted to be with my friends and their children at the park, having play dates, going to the library for story time and more!  

Photography is a great way to capture those milestones!  As far back as I remember, I always envisioned beautiful spots in nature that would make a beautiful backdrop for a family or child photoshoot.  The beauty that God has given us in nature is so enormous!  His painting is everywhere, if we just take the time to stop and look at all his beauty!  

Next time you are out on a walk or driving down the road, look at the beautiful green trees, gorgeous flowers, the sweet smell of the spring air and the beautiful sky.  God has given us this marvelous beauty and He wants us to enjoy it!    

I am here to show you, teach you, everything I know to speed up your journey.  

Whether you are a stay at home mom and want to learn how to take better portraits of your children, or a blogger wanting to up your game with more professional pictures or even a photographer wanting to enhance your photography skills, I am here to help you along this journey!  I can’t wait to teach you all I know!!